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Featured Artist of the Day: Iveo

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[Feature BBW of the day: Yuzuki Ayaka]

Click here for more pix.

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[Featured artist of the day: TOXIFF]

A relatibly new artist here in Tumblr. Draws cute girls, bellies, and somethimes sexy tentacles.

Currently accepting commissions.

For more info, visit

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Post #3500 & +3100 Followers

Wow! 3500 posts and more than 3100 followers! Thank you for all your support! It’s been so long since I started this blog… I feel a bit nostalgic!

I wish I had some sort of special image or video celebrating this milestone, but unfortunately I’m unprepared. I tried to search for something interesting to post but life has the habit of getting in the way of things. Please don’t think that I’ve forgotten about this little blog or that I’ve lost interest on the subject, far from it! It’s just that I’ve been extremely busy with university, new apartment, new job, and other projects. But it looks like everything is settling down. So I’m very sorry for the lack of updates and new material, I’ll do my best to provide new posts!

I’ve been also contemplating the possibility of working with other Tumblr users that might be interested in helping the blog , but I’m not sure how well that’s gonna work out. If you’re interested or just want to send a suggestion or question, send me a message here.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the blog! And thank you for your patience!

- Lust

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[Kim Kardashian Lounges in a Bikini Just Five Days Before Giving Birth]


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[Featured Artist: Komotoda Emai (小本田絵舞)]

Japanese female artist who’s main works where published in adult magazines. She currently posts illustrations in her Pixiv page and livedoor blog. Some of them include BBW.

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2500 followers! Yey!

200 new people followed this blog while I was away! Welcome to all of you! And thank you everyone else for staying while I was gone!

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As of May 7 2012